Dave Lovemartin


How to win minds and convince people

last tended: 22.02.2024

Influence by collaboration

Influence by collaboration is all about building trust and rapport with between team members.

If you are trying to influence in this situation then your role is to be a facilitator of change rather than convincing people logically.

To be a collaborator, you need the ability to share power, the capacity to listen actively and a willingness to communicate openly.

Influence by persuasion

Effective influencers collect two main types of information: background data, which informs their view of the world, and task-related data, which is gathered for a specific purpose.

Chunking is an effective technique for grouping and delivering information in a way that ensures people can remember it

Use a cost-benefit analysis to help you measure the pros and cons of your case and rhetoric to present your argument convincingly.

Use Monroe’s Motivated Sequence in presentations:

This five-step plan will help you to gain your audience’s attention, and leave members with specific actions that they can take afterward. This allows your influence to continue beyond the presentation itself.

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