Dave Lovemartin

Growth mindset

The narratives we tell ourselves

last tended: 21.02.2024

Growth mindset is the idea that we can change in response to experience.

A mindset is a mental frame or lens that selectively codes and organises information. It includes the narratives we tell ourselves.

Think about where/who these stories come from and how this effects your identity.

Studies show that praise given for children’s intelligence impairs their motivation and performance. Praise for effort, perseverance and attention improves performance.

When we attach performance or intelligence labels to our identity and we suffer negative feedback, it adversely affects how we see ourselves.

But if you attribute efforts and actions to why we are good at a particular activity, poor performance can be seen as a learning experience.

How we think about stress impacts our reaction to stress. If we view stress as performance enhancing, which it can be, then we find that performance improves.

When we don’t get desired results, it’s important to seek help to understand why.

When reflecting on past experiences, focus on things you did and the actions you took, rather than ascribing success or failure to your intelligence or abilities.

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