Dave Lovemartin

Growth loops

Anti-goal setting

last tended: 21.02.2024

Chefs experiment by adding an ingredient, tasting to see if it works, and keeping or discarding the change depending on the result over many attempts. Chefs don’t set goals, they iterate their way to delicious dishes.

You too can design “growth loops” by practicing deliberate experimentation.

Make a pact to learn something. Then act. Then react. What did you learn?

Growth loops allow us to truly enjoy the journey instead of falling prey to arrival fallacy.

We often mistakenly believe that achieving our goals will make us happy but the happiness we feel when reaching a goal is short-lived.

Reflect on what you are doing.

You’re working a lot (magnitude), but are you learning (direction)? Do you feel like you’re being pulled in different directions?

If you notice that you’re not going anywhere or not going in the right direction, make changes to get on a path that makes sense to you.

Growth is a direction, not a destination

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